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Revealing Transitions

Moving Forward

Moving from the linear world of practicing law into the creative realm of storytelling has been an exciting journey, and the fulfillment a life long dream. In a way, all lawyers are storytellers, constantly telling judges, juries and other attorneys alike their side of a case. But attorneys are limited by facts. Writers have no such restrictions. As a writer, I can create as many twists and turns as I care to and reveal or withhold what I deem necessary to make the novel interesting to my readers. It’s great fun. My desire to discover what is next as each chapter evolves is influential in my work. It keeps me writing, and hopefully, it will also keep my readers reading and wanting to read more!

My first mystery, OUT FROM SILENCE, reflects the struggles a young law clerk faces when asked to help defend a young deaf man accused of killing his girlfriend. The setting is a beloved pictorial new South landscape, in a fictious town by the name of Jonesburg, where “…time and acquaintance add up.”

As a budding storyteller I’m enjoying exploring the truths unearthed in both the silence and discord found in my characters. I enjoy watching what unfolds. I look forward to 2018 and discovering what mysteries await my writings.

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