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Coming Soon: C.L. Tolbert on Toe Tag Mysteries

Stay tuned for the Toe Tag Mysteries to Die For podcast featuring CL Tolbert, author, and her third book in the Thornton Mystery Series - SANCTUARY.

I hope you’ll join us on:

Friday - September 2, 2023 at 1:30 pm

Toe Tag Mysteries: Mysteries to Die For:

This is a podcast where we combine storytelling with original music to put you at the heart of mystery, murder, and mayhem. Some episodes will be my own stories, others will be classics that helped shape the mystery genre we know today. These are arrangements, which means instead of word-for-word readings, you get a performance meant to be heard. My piano player, Jack, and I perform these live, front to back, no breaks, no fakes, no retakes. This is a podcast for people who love storytelling, puzzles, and the thrill that comes from solving the mystery.

Sanctuary: A Thornton Mystery:

In SANCTUARY, the third book in the Thornton Mystery Series, Emma is back again. This time she’s agreed to represent a former client accused of killing the leader of a suspicious cult in New Orleans.

James Crosby, the charismatic leader of the Japaprajnas, is found dead one late afternoon, his body draped over an iron fence in the courtyard of the nineteenth-century house where he and several cult members work and live. Although police initially presumed his fall was an accident, they quickly discover that James received a lethal dose of a drug before he was pushed from his office balcony.

The next day the police discover a syringe and a substantial amount of the drug which killed James in Stacey Robert’s bedroom. The nineteen-year-old cult member is brought in for questioning, which leads to her arrest. Emma, who had represented Stacey when she was a sixteen-year-old runaway, agrees to take the case.

Convinced she is innocent Emma begins an investigation into the cult and its members. Emma’s questions uncover dangerous secrets, illicit activities, and the exploitation of innocent victims. Emma’s suspicions lead her to the killer’s trail and the case’s final resolution.

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